Insurance / Reinsurance

LEBUHN & PUCHTA is traditionally very active in the area of insurance law and has very substantial experience of commercial insurance, reinsurance, insurance brokerage and regulatory matters. The firm has a record of handling many large and highly complex insurance cases for its clients. LEBUHN & PUCHTA advises and represents clients on a wide range of issues and in a large number of legal proceedings.

The firm’s experience covers for example:

  • Marine insurance (cargo insurance, hull, P&I, LOH, charterer’s liability)
  • Yacht hull and P&I insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Industrial risks
  • Third party liability insurance, D&O
  • Reinsurance, both marine and non-marine

Selected Cases

  • We have acted for fire insurers in legal proceedings to defend claims arising out of a major fire at a recycling plant.
  • We have advised clients in connection with brokers’ liability following a denial of cover by the insurers.
  • We have provided comprehensive advice in relation to the establishing and licencing of a new German insurance company.
  • We have advised a client in relation to the provision of security by hull insurers following damage to a port crane.
  • We have advised the liquidator in a case involving a claim under a D&O policy resulting from payments made after the company had become unable to pay its debts.
  • We have advised insurers on the London market in connection with coverage claims under a non-marine builder’s risk insurance policy.
  • We have advised German insurers regarding claims under a builder’ risk policy for a mega yacht.
  • We have advised insurers on the London-market as to the mortgagee’s rights under a German marine hull policy in circumstances where the insurers have denied cover to the shipowner.
  • We have acted for the vessel owners in a hull claim under successive German policies raising issues as to the scope of cover and apportionment of the claim under the policies.
  • We have represented yacht owners in court proceedings in respect of their claim under their yacht hull policy raising issues of over-insurance.
  • We have acted for insurers on the London market in German conciliation proceedings regarding coverage claims under a CAR policy in connection with alleged damages to/defects of cooling water pipes for a power plant.
  • We have acted for the judicial administrator of the ceding insurer in the negotiation and conclusion of commutation agreements with a large number of insurers and reinsurers following the insolvency of the ceding insurer.