Shipbuilding / Sale & Purchase / Ship Management

LEBUHN & PUCHTA has very extensive experience of shipbuilding contracts for vessels of all kind. The firm has advised and represented clients in connection with numerous shipbuilding projects at all stages of the economic cycle and is familiar with the legal issues that arise, including in litigation.

LEBUHN & PUCHTA also has a record of advising and representing clients in a very large number of sale and purchase transactions involving vessels of all types and sizes, including container ships, tankers, ROPAX vessels, wind turbine installation vessels, and super yachts.

LEBUHN & PUCHTA advises its clients on all matters of ship management, as the increased demands on ship managers are resulting in increasingly complex and structured management arrangements, including with respect to crewing.

The firm advises on German and English law.

Selected Cases

  • We have advised a German shipping group in connection with its cancellation of a series of eight shipbuilding contracts entered into with an Asian shipyard and acted for the client in the ensuing successful London arbitration for the refund of a very substantial amount representing the instalments paid under the contracts, plus interest, and in recovering the awarded sums under the refund guarantees.
  • We have advised a German shipowner in connection with its cancellation of a series of six shipbuilding contracts with an Indian shipyard and successful recovery of the large amount due under the refund guarantees. The matter involved complex corporate law aspects as the shipyard had a stake in the buying entities.
  • We have assisted a client in the structuring, drafting and negotiation of a shipbuilding contract for a major prototype offshore wind installation vessel.
  • We have drafted and negotiated for our client the shipbuilding contract for a special-purpose ROPAX ferry for the North Sea island trade.
  • We have drafted and negotiated the shipbuilding contract for a very large sailing yacht (over 70 m) and advised the client on the complex, multijurisdictional security structure which was put in place.
  • We have structured for a client the second-hand purchase of a super yacht with the simultaneous sale of the client’s existing yacht in part-exchange.
  • We have represented a foreign supplier of high value components in various mega yacht projects and assisted in the drafting and negotiation of the supply contracts.
  • We have acted for the cash buyer of a group of vessels from a provisional administrator in insolvency and advised our client on the special risks in this type of transaction. The matter also involved the transfer of charter contracts.
  • We have acted for a major German shipping group in connection with the repeated complex restructuring of the multi-layered finance of a portion of its fleet.
  • We have advised a client in respect of the security structure to be put in place in connection with the sourcing of equity on the capital markets for a fleet of vessels.
  • We have advised clients in connection with the sale of various high-value vessels into long-term lease structures financed on the Chinese market.
  • We have advised various clients on detailed questions of ship management under sophisticated management agreements in the container trade, including issues involving crewing arrangements, auditing, KPIs and special exit rights under fleet agreements.
  • We have advised clients on a sophisticated long-term OPEX participation scheme in ship management contracts and on the effect of restructuring on this scheme.