L&P values and innovations

LEBUHN & PUCHTA strives to express distinctive personal values and develop work-related innovations. First class service to clients requires not only excellent qualifications, but also a work environment that gives people at LEBUHN & PUCHTA the space to evolve both in and out of the workplace. Sustainability and fairness are central to the firm. Many of our ideas and projects have become firmly established within the firm and have shaped our personal careers.

These include:

  • L&P GENDER DIVERSITY INITIATIVE – Fairness and equality of chances are a central issue for the legal profession and one to which we are fully committed. Better gender diversity is of high importance to us, including in our traditional shipping sector, and we actively promote equality of chances in our field of work. We promote women lawyers with a view to increasing their proportion in leadership positions and we consider applications by women lawyers of all levels of seniority. Contact person for this initiative: Dr Sabine Rittmeister, Head of Maritime at LEBUHN & PUCHTA.
  • L&P FAMILY FOCUS – Achieving a flexible work-life balance is particularly important in a demanding profession such as the legal profession. We are clearly committed to respecting the personal needs of our people. Modern communication and work methods open up new possibilities, whilst the “time” factor remains decisive. We want to give ourselves enough time to develop and integrate fulfilled personal and professional paths. Contact person for this initiative: Dr Ulrich Stahl.
  • L&P COMPLIANCE – We advise our clients on compliance issues. As a constituent element of the legal system, the legal profession must naturally be at the forefront of compliance. Absolute integrity and a sharp awareness for compliance, the core of which being the strict adherence to professional and ethical standards of conduct, are values held by all lawyers at LEBUHN & PUCHTA.
  • L&P INTERNATIONAL– Good relationships with clients and lawyers around the world have been a hallmark of LEBUHN & PUCHTA ever since the firm was founded. Through secondments and exchanges, we look after our network and develop our experience – for the benefit of our clients. Many of our lawyers have gained work experience abroad in firms and companies with which we have close ties in the hot-spots of shipping and international trade. Contact person for L&P International: Edward Maguin, solicitor (England & Wales) and Membre du Barreau de Paris.
  • L&P ACADEMY – Since 2006 we have been holding regular internal training and workshops on special topics and legal issues. Since 2014 these has been brought together to form the L&P ACADEMY which is led by Dr Klaus Ramming who, in addition to being a practising lawyer with very substantial experience, is one of the leadings authors on maritime law in Germany.
  • L&P RESEARCH– Part of our work, next to our case-related work, is directed on a pro bono basis at legal projects involving research and development and at promoting legal innovations. The following projects are for example part of L&P RESEARCH:

ITLOS – Activating the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea for quasi Law of the Sea disputes with a maritime character. Contact person: Dr Ulrich Stahl;

DEEP SEA MINING – Developing a safe regulatory and contractual framework for ecologically sound deep sea mining activities. Contact person: Edward Maguin;

„Dispute Dynamics“ – The application of system analytical methods to complex legal issues and litigation, using models which include non-legal factors, with a view to improving the analysis and conduct of cases. Contact person: Dr Johannes Trost;

ARIAS Deutschland e.V. – Association to promote the practice of arbitration in the fields of insurance and reinsurance. Contact person: Dr Ulrich Stahl.