Press Release 2/2017 – New Head of Maritime

LEBUHN & PUCHTA as one of the leading German maritime law firms is happy to announce the appointment of Dr. Sabine Rittmeister as the new head of their Maritime Law Practice Group. In her capacity as the firm’s “Head of Maritime” Sabine leads a team of eight specialized shipping lawyers and has taken on the task to enhance the firm’s maritime practice. Sabine will be supported by Dr. Ulrich Stahl and Dr. Johannes Trost as experienced partners with a strong focus on maritime law.

Sabine is a well-known expert on questions of liability and limitation in maritime law and has been practicing as a dedicated litigator in shipping and transport matters for many years. After a long practice in a maritime law boutique in Hamburg she returned to LEBUHN & PUCHTA in 2016 where she started her career in 1992.

This new appointment reinforces LEBUHN & PUCHTA’s dedication to provide first-class legal advice in all questions of maritime law.